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Travel and Cruise Fundraisers by Dugan's Travels
Shopping with Dugan's Travels

What a great way to raise money and have a vacation!  Let us help you raise money for whatever you need.

How would your organization feel about making some extra money?

We can help! Our travel agency helps organizations and businesses such as yours to raise money by offering a percentage of the sales that we get from your referrals. Whenever someone books travel through our agency and specifies that he or she would like your organization or business to receive credit, we will donate 3% of the sale. We have particular types of travel arrangements this is valid for since we cannot discount all vacations. This service is free of charge to you, so why not give it a try? You might find that this is the most profitable way to raise money and help those you refer to get an excellent price and service from our agency. We work very hard for our clients and will work hard for your organization also. The way our fundraisers are set up is we allow organizations to earn a percentage of the sale of certain vacations that are booked with our agency by people who are referred to us by the organization. The organization needs to do nothing more than refer people to the agency. Those you refer must specify what organization should earn credit for the booking. The organization will earn 3% of the sale before taxes. This percentage will be paid after the trip is paid for in full and the customer has returned from the trip.

Or you can put together a group cruise and do a fundraiser.  This is great for groups that will already be getting together for a conference or other get together.  Offer a seminar at sea and turn into a money making opportunity.


The current vacations we are offering this credit on are:

Disneyland Vacations (must include a hotel stay)
Walt Disney World Vacations (must include a hotel stay)
Disney Cruise Line Vacations
Carnival Cruise Vacations
Royal Caribbean Cruise Vacations
Las Vegas Vacations (must include a hotel stay)
Hawaii Vacations (must include a hotel stay)

Dugan's Travels will pay the organization monthly for reservations paid in full and travel has been completed. The payments will be processed on the 25th of each month. Dugan's Travels is an IATAN approved agency, a member of CLIA and, and a licensed seller of travel for the state of California and Washington. It currently has over 650 agents working with the agency and is owned by Jennifer Dugan, Certified Travel Associate of the Institute of Certified Travel Agents. To find out more about Dugan's Travels, please visit Our IATAN and CLIA number is 32669490.




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