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Homebased Travel Agent Program with Dugan's Travels

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Cost Involved
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What does it cost to work with Dugan's Travels?

To get started

What it takes to get started is $130. It is to get you set up with the agency and onto our E&O policy. This is a requirement to work with Dugan's Travels. You do not have to pay anything else. When you sign up and pay the $130, you will be given access to our agent only website and begin your training.

You do not have to pay for training. No handbooks to buy. Nothing more is paid to get your training completed. We don't charge you to learn because we want you to learn. If you learn, you will be successful. If you have to pay for training, you might not do all the training and won't get the proper training needed to be successful.

Each year on your anniversary, it will cost $50.00 to renew.

If you have your own personal insurance in your agency name, it is only 30.00 to sign up.  We would need documented proof (copy of your insurance) and then we would waive the 100.00 amount for the insurance we normally have to charge.

Our membership fees are as follows:

$10.00 a month for support and being part of Dugan's Travels *This is waived if you do $3000.00 or more in sales a month.

This is a small fee to encourage those who join our agency to reach this level of sales. We get several people who join our agency and do not do anything with their business. We implemented the fee schedule to help motivate agents to get to the $3000 sales level each month. It can mean a few airline tickets or even just one package. Most of our agents do not pay the $10 fee because they will do enough in a month to get it waived. However if an agent does not do enough, the small fee is to help the agency keep the program going. The support and the education you get working with our agency is worth the small amount. No other agency offers this type of learning and support system.

You will have two months to train. Those months you will not have to worry about the fee. Then on your 3rd month you will want to try to reach the quota of $3000 in sales. If you do not, the following month $10 will be due by the 15th.

For example: You join in January. You will have January and February to train. Your quota period will begin March 1st and run until March 30th. If in that time you do not book $3000 or more in commissionable travel or charge fees for noncommissionable travel items, you will owe $10 by April 15th. If you do not pay it on time, there will be a $5 late fee.

You can pay this in advance and if you met the quota it will roll over for the next month. Some agents even choose to pay a year at a time.

Other costs you may incur:

Running a business does have expenses. We can't of course list all the expenses you might incur. The only thing you may have to pay us is postage. We try to keep that as low as possible. We will use US Mail whenever possible. However there will be times we have to send things fed ex. You should get your own Fed ex number so that we won't have to bill you for the shipping for Fed ex.

You will also want to spend some money on advertising. Business cards are important. But we have suggestions in the handbook on how to get things relatively inexpensive. The truth is you don't want to spend alot of money until you know this is the right business for you. This is why we keep our costs down.

We highly advise agents to try to have some type of back up in case something happens. The insurance we have is for major disasters. The deductible is $1000 so it has to be for alot of money to make it worth filing a claim. Our agency is covered as a whole for $1 million dollars. Each agent is not covered each for $1 million dollars.

Mistakes happen. Even agents with years experience make mistakes. So you want to have the ability to right a wrong if need be. You might get a credit card for such problems. Or build up a savings for your business just in case. Any mistakes you make that cost money to fix, you will be responsible for. We will help you to avoid making them, but things do happen. 

You can pay by check/money order, Paypal, or credit card. If you are paying by credit card, please include the number, expiration date, and billing address on the contract.

We must receive both the contract and payment to get you started. Once we receive that, we will send you an email to gain access to our agent only website. There you will download our handbook, new agent orientation, and be able to access many things including our account list with log ins to websites.

You can make your checks/money orders payable to Dugan's Travels.

Use Paypal button below to pay the $130.00.  If you have problems with the button, you can always send the payment via Paypal- our email for Paypal is
Mailing address:
Dugan's Travels
7820 Enchanted Hills Blvd Suite A-249
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Fax is 505-867-4947






Dugan's Travels 132 Rover Blvd  Los Alamos NM 87544