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Here is some information on what training we offer.
Below is a list of things you will learn about in your training.
You will be given a handbook, a new agent orientation which will cover the basics including a few website lessons, our account list with log ins for travel agent only websites, a quick 20 question test, and many, many pages of resources.
Once you complete the orientation and 20 question test, you will be able to get on our yahoogroups email group.  Here you will be able to go through old messages as well as ask questions to all the agents with Dugan's Travels.  You will meet a group of wonderful people!
Here is a quick preview of our handbook:

Chapter 1 Administrative Issues

Commissions, Monthly fees, Documents, Checks to suppliers and from clients,
IATAN card, Sabre Evoya, and Important Info

Page Chapter 2 Handling clients requests

Form to use and answers to questions

Chapter 3 Handling Airline Tickets

How to do airline tickets, questions and answers, and information

Chapter 4 Booking Hotels and Rental Cars

How to book hotels and cars

Chapter 5- Tour Packages

How to handle tour packages and information on booking tours

Chapter 6 Cruises

Everything you need to know about booking cruises including group cruises

Chapter 7 Where Can You Book?

Other than the account list and sites recommended already, where can you book?

Chapter 8 Getting Business and Marketing

How to get more business

Chapter 9 Links 

Chapter 10 Misc Questions

Sample Thank You Letter for clients


We specialize in helping those without experience.  We have been taking agents with and without experience into our agency for over 4 years.  Don't worry, we have experienced just about anything there is to having a new person joining the agency.  We know what you need for training, marketing, support, and we provide it.  We pay you 75% commission on EVERYTHING and we don't hit you with a ton of fees like so many other agencies.  We will help you further your education if you choose to do so and really are here to help.  Your success means our success. 


Links to places to get more education
If you decide after completing our training that you would like to get more, there are many places you can get more training.  Here are links to some of the choices.  Some are additional money.

CLIA's Courses on Cruises

Institute of Certified Travel Agents (ICTA)

Travel Agent University Online (most are free courses)