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We pay 75% commission!
Our program really is simple and very flexible because we know that people have different capabilities and ways of doing things.
You will make bookings using our account numbers with suppliers.  When you join, you get access to our agent only website that will give you log in information to hundreds of websites to use for information as well as make bookings online for your clients.
You also can call suppliers if you prefer the phone over booking online.
Once you make a booking, it is very simple to let us know by using an online form.  This form lets us know about the booking as well as gives us information on where to mail documents if documents are sent for the client.
If documents are mailed, you will receive an online invoice to pay your shipping.  You can pay it via Paypal, credit card, mail in a check or have it deducted from future commission.
Each month on the 1st, we post a list of commissions that have been paid to the agency.  It is on an Excel Spreadsheet so you do not need to have a special program to see it or claim your commission.  You will go through the list, find what is yours and claim it using another online form.  This has to be done by the 8th of the month.
Then we will pay you your commission.
If you sign up for direct deposit (a one time 20.00 charge) you will get your commission in 7 BUSINESS days.
If you use Paypal, you will receive your commission in 7 BUSINESS days.
If you want a check mailed, checks are issued on the 25th of the month and sent out around the 26-27th of the month.
It is a very simple process.  We do everything online and quick and easy.
We don't require special programs.  You handle your accounting (keeping track of what is owed to you) however you wish. 
We really do let agents run their own businesses and don't try to control them.